Lately I’ve been wondering, 

Wondering in the lowlands,

Lately I’ve been following,

Any star that shines,

Painfully I’ve swallowed,

Poisoned arrows that led me here,

They whispered dreams and virtue, 

Didn’t know it would crumble to tears.

I can’t help it,

Every man has felt it,

I’m alone,

Though you try to help me.

Where every map leads backward,

Progession is a chore,

We put it down to growing pains,

Living life under sods law,

Lately whispers cut me,

Like every mouth speaks truth,

Lies personify in my ear,

And I act them out as proof.

You can’t see the walls,

I don’t hear your calls,

You can’t break the bars,

We’re streets apart.

Lately I thought I was in charge,

The open road I’ve chosen,

Lately feels like a prison,

As I stumble over and over,

It all comes down to me,

But who am I to lead,

My hands on the controls,

But can’t dicate where the road flows.

Relations slip,

It’s hard to stay positive,

But I promise you this,

We’ll get on top of it.


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