River Tyne

As I walk past the river Tyne, I like to think of water droplets As thoughts unspoken moving on the string of time. – The lone fisherman casts his line come what may, Tears of laughter, times of fear and doubt, The rain, the rock, the river washes all away. – So again I howl […]


Pleased to me  Sad to see you Wear some of my long lost features, – I’m no preacher, but, Let’s speak and Find a way to cleanse and free you. – Non are perfect, Wish we’d hurt less, That’s no need to live out our worst threats – Live in the present, Give up your […]


I wanna be loved by all I wanna be free I wanna be somebody Anybody but me – Live in grace Live in pain disgrace Live in my embrace It don’t matter to me


Lately I’ve been wondering,  Wondering in the lowlands, Lately I’ve been following, Any star that shines, Painfully I’ve swallowed, Poisoned arrows that led me here, They whispered dreams and virtue,  Didn’t know it would crumble to tears. – I can’t help it, Every man has felt it, I’m alone, Though you try to help me. […]